December 25, 2009

Christmas Day
placing poinsettias
on the teen’s grave

5 Responses to “:”

  1. catgirlslovehaiku Says:

    This haiku hit me right in the heart. So sad. So powerful. Makes one put things into proper perspective.

  2. Willie Says:

    …and we write haiku from personal experience…

    stop on by, stranger.

  3. Yousei Hime Says:

    I read this days ago and wanted to comment. I just didn’t know what to say, and I still don’t. Thank you for sharing it. Thank you.

  4. K. Says:

    Thanks to all. The teen in question was not my own. He was a friend and teammate of my son’s who drowned tragically in a nearby lake this summer. I was very proud that my son wanted to take time out from his Christmas Day to visit Ernest’s grave and was honored to accompany him, hard as it was to do. I can’t imagine what this Christmas was like for his family.

  5. Yousei Hime Says:

    What a proud moment for you, that your son would honor his friend so. This makes the poem richer and deeper. Thank you, and thank your son for his courage.

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